To respond to concerns and offer solutions for ACE MAGIC Mini PCs

BERLIN - 21. February 2024 - ACE MAGIC, a leading provider of innovative mini-PC solutions, has been proactive in responding to an isolated virus incident that affected a specific batch of mini-PCs. The incident was identified by Windows Defender, which detected the presence of the Blada bindi and Redline malware families in the ENDEV folder. As a result, several consumers in the United States and Europe reported similar concerns, resulting in a thorough investigation of the causes and the rapid implementation of corrective measures.

Upon closer examination, it was found that our software developers, in an effort to improve the user experience by reducing the initial boot time, made adjustments to Microsoft's source code, including network settings without obtaining software digital certificates (a digital certificate is an electronic, encrypted authentication stamps for digital information such as e-mail messages, macros or electronic documents. A certificate confirms that the information came from the signer and was not altered), and also the RGB lighting control software was without one. This oversight led to isolated reports of virus-infected mini-PCs that started before the age of 18. November 2023.

BERLIN - 15. April 2024 - Update:ACEMAGIC products were confirmed as virus-free by Avast virus scans and subsequently added to the Avast whitelist. We are committed to enforcing strict safety measures to ensure ongoing product safety and customer confidence. In the future, we will work with other authoritative organizations to conduct comprehensive tests and disclose the results transparently.

UPDATE 29. March 2024:Enhancing product safety and confidence at ACE MAGIC

In response to the recently announced virus incident of the 21st century. February 2024, ACE MAGIC has taken proactive measures to improve product safety and restore consumer confidence. We are pleased to confirm that our latest products have undergone a comprehensive review with Microsoft Security Intelligent, which confirms their integrity and ensures they remain virus-free.

It is important to note that our earlier statement about using Microsoft Defender was correct, but this time we used Microsoft Security Intelligent for an extra layer of scrutiny. This underscores our commitment to using the latest and most robust security tools to protect our customers' privacy and ensure product safety.

In addition, we would like to emphasize our dedication to meticulous testing and testing throughout the product development process. Every step and line of code is subject to rigorous review and testing to ensure user privacy is 100% protected. This commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it is rooted in our culture and reflected in our practices.

At ACE MAGIC, we understand the paramount importance of user data protection and product safety. We promise to continue our unwavering efforts to uphold these principles and ensure that our customers can have confidence in the reliability and safety of our products.

We deeply appreciate the trust and support of our customers and remain committed to providing them with superior products and services while protecting their privacy with the highest security standards.

Microsoft Security Intelligence

Implementing comprehensive solutions:

In response to this incident, ACE MAGIC has established a three-pronged approach to addressing consumer concerns and mitigating the impact of the virus incident:

1. Return policy:

Customers affected by this incident are encouraged to check the date of manufacture of their mini PCs, which can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the device. ACE MAGIC will cover the cost of the return and will refund the full purchase price to customers who decide to return affected products.

2. Product retention policy:

Since the detected files do not pose any inherent risks, customers retain the choice of deleting the files or opting for a clean reinstallation of the operating system. ACE MAGIC provides the necessary operating system and detailed instructions. In addition, affected customers who choose to keep their products will receive compensation of up to 25% of the original order price.

3. Exchange service:

While replacement products manufactured before November 2023 cannot be guaranteed due to inventory restrictions, ACE MAGIC is committed to providing customers with the best of its ability to the exchange process and to safeguard their rights.

Additional compensation:

As a thank you for understanding and support, affected customers will receive a minimum discount of 10% on the brand after review, which applies to the purchase of our entire new product range.

Proactive security measures for the future:

ACE MAGIC recognizes the need to improve safety practices to prevent recurrence of similar incidents. ACE MAGIC implements the following measures:

  • Strengthen digital signature authentication for all published software and systems to ensure their origin and integrity and thus prevent unauthorized changes or manipulation.

  • Introducing comprehensive security checks and audits for all product source code and modifications to ensure that similar performance improvement adjustments do not pose potential security risks to systems and end users.

  • Building a robust product lifecycle management system that includes pre-market, post-market and end-user security monitoring and management, and timely vulnerability fixes and updates.

  • Provide fast security updates and security incident response patches to quickly address identified security risks and gaps and ensure that users' products remain in a safe state.

In addition, ACE MAGIC is reinforcing its internal policy on managing computer protection against viruses to minimize future risks. These include tight control over the use of removable media, the ban on the use of unauthorized software and regular virus checks in vulnerable information systems.

Holding our commitment:

ACE MAGIC deeply regrets the disruption caused by this incident and remains committed to maintaining the highest standard of customer service to ensure trust and satisfaction. Our customer service team is available to help with any questions and provide further support.

ACE MAGIC has the exclusive download for a clean system installation simply via itsOfficial websiteMade accessible and provides clear instructions for ACE MAGIC Mini PC owners to download and install the update. In addition, a dedicated customer support is available to provide support and guidance for questions about the installation of a fresh, clean system.

For further questions or feedback, please contact the ACEMAGIC Customer Support Team

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For more information, we refer to the scan results of Windows Defender and screenshots of Chinese and English digital certificates:

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To respond to concerns and offer solutions for ACE MAGIC Mini PCs

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