Our value

We care about equipping individuals and businesses with state-of-the-art technology that helps them achieve more and reach their full potential with our personal consumer microelectronics.

how it all started

In 2013, a group of tech enthusiasts were inspired by the “Magician Impossible” series. They wanted to create a brand that would deliver computer solutions that were not only powerful but also fun and accessible. Today, Acemagic is a leader in miniaturizing personal electronic devices, making technology more convenient, portable and accessible. Our brand slogan “Mini Space, Big World” reflects our mission to bring the magic of technology to the world of consumer personal microelectronics.

Our task

Provide powerful mini-PCs that allow individuals and companies to use maximum computing power in a compact form factor, allowing them to work and be creative from anywhere. We are committed to sustainability and are committed to providing wearable computing solutions that reduce environmental impact while providing cutting-edge technology. Through our innovation and commitment to efficient computing, we aim to enable people to achieve more with limited space and resources.