Our 3-year warranty applies to all products purchased from the official Acemagic store. We provide all customers with complete and necessary after-purchase service. Please contact if there is anything we can do for you.

For business cooperation, please contact . For bulk orders, the business team can offer you lower prices and more comprehensive services.

The warranty is 36 months:

1) In the case of products in stock, the warranty is activated on the date of purchase;

2) For pre-sale products, the warranty is activated on the shipping date.

-For purchases made on third party platforms or retailers, please contact them if customers need refunds, replacements or other customer services.

-Don't hesitate to contact x directly for commercial orders, rental-related orders and bulk purchases.

warranty conditions

-Please confirm the order status before you request a refund or replacement.

Pending orders (stock and pre-sale products)
Do not hesitate to contact Ace magic to confirm the order status. Customers can request a full refund before the order is shipped. We will process the refund within 3 working days.

Orders have been shipped
2.1 Intact/undamaged products

14-day money back guarantee for any reason

Intact/undamaged products can be returned for any reason within 14 days of receipt for a refund.

1) The date of receipt depends on the tracking number of your package.

2) Please help us confirm the condition of the returned product. Otherwise the refund request will be invalid.

3) In this case, customers will be responsible for the return fee.

4) Customers cannot apply for a 14-day money back guarantee for intact/undamaged products signed for more than 14 days.

2.2 Quality-related problems

2.2.1 Outer packaging broken/deformed, item missing in packaging

Outer packaging torn/deformed
1) Please make a request to the courier immediately after receiving the broken/deformed package and get a confirmation paper with a stamp on it.

2) Do not hesitate to contact us with detailed information on the problem description and attach photos of the damaged/deformed package and the confirmation paper to the email.

3) Customers can demand a full refund or product exchange after we check the situation.

Items missing in the package
1) Please carefully check the contents and weight of the package before signing it.

2) If the item (s) is missing in the package, do not hesitate to email us with the order number (e. g. B. AMR5) and detailed information on the problem description (texts/photos/videos).

3) Customers can ask for a replacement or partial refund for the missing items after we check the situation.

-Please note the following:

Acemagic is responsible for the shipping costs for the return and replacement caused by the broken/deformed package, the missing item (s), or the incorrectly delivered package (s).
For packages that are lost after being delivered to the correct address, Acemagic is not responsible for appropriate compensation, including refunds and replacements. (The status of the package depends on the tracking information.)
2.2.2 DOA (Dead on Arrival)

In DOA situations, please contact us within seven days of receipt of the goods.

1) Add the order number (e. g. B. AMR5) and detailed information on the problem description (texts/photos/videos).

2) Once the product is confirmed as DOA, we will tell the customers the warehouse address so that they can return the product.

3) Customers can ask for a full refund or replacement after the DOA product is delivered in the warehouse.

-Acemagic is responsible for the return and replacement shipping fees caused by DOA products.

2.2.3 Defective products

1) Customers must have sufficient proof of purchase (e. g. B. Order number AMR5) and detailed information on the problem description (texts/photos/videos) by e-mail.

2) We give troubleshooting tips and document the troubleshooting process.

-Return (s), replacement (s) due to product defects:

Within seven days of receipt, Ace magic will cover all shipping costs.
After seven days of receipt: Customers will bear the return shipping fee and Ace magic will pay the replacement shipping fee.
About returns
1) Returns MUST include all accessories.

2) Returns MUST contain the original packaging or packaging with the same protection.

3) Returns MUST be delivered to the warehouses of Ace magic.

4) Returns may be rejected if items do NOT meet the above requirements.

5) Guarantees will expire if the wrong product is returned or the defective product is NOT returned to the Ace magic warehouse.

About Refunds
1) The refund process will begin as soon as the returned item arrives at the Acemagic warehouse.

2) The refund will be refunded in the same way as your original order. PayPal refunds can take up to 48 hours to complete. Refund by credit card and bank account takes 7-10 business days.

Exceptions to the refund:

If we have reached the maximum refund limit for the month, we may not be able to refund the refund using the original payment method, but will arrange for the refund by wire transfer to your PayPal account. This usually takes 48-72 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Product exchange information
1) The customer is responsible for the surcharge for remote areas.

2) The duty-free shipping insurance will expire once the original package has been successfully delivered. It does NOT apply permanently to the replacement package. If customers want to avoid customs duties, take out duty-free shipping insurance again.

Situations NOT covered by warranty
Normal deterioration, wear and tear due to daily use
Bulk orders and orders for rental/commercial use
Products without sufficient proof of purchase
Products that are lost or stolen in daily use
Products whose warranty period has expired
Discontinued models that are no longer in stock
Free products, giveaways or products are resold or given to third parties
Repairs by unauthorized third parties
Intentional harm caused by human factors
Damage caused by force majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.) And social events (strikes, wars, prohibitions, etc.).
Damage caused by improper use of products, including but not limited to falls, temperature extremes, water, improper operation of equipment or improper replacement of hardware.
The warranty for the product expires if the product is damaged by human factors or misuse. Compensation is NOT possible in such cases. Acemagic can only provide replacement or spare parts (when available) through general distribution channels. The customer pays the costs for the replacement or replacement. The spare parts plus the necessary shipping costs.

-Acemagic's product warranty does not cover any damage caused by overclocking, even if the overclocking is activated via Acemagic hardware and/or software.

Lifetime customer with repair service. We offer repair services. We maintain repair sites in the USA and Germany for the repair of products. The customer must pay the cost of the return and we will bear the cost of shipping. Fees may apply for some parts and services. For more information, please contact customer service on the website.

Limitation of Liability
Aside from the above-mentioned warranty clauses, Acemagic assumes no liability for any kind of express or implied warranties.

Acemagic does not provide any warranty for incidental or consequential damages from events beyond Acemagic's control, such as: B. Force majeure, property damage, loss of use, business interruption, lost profit, lost data or other consequential or special losses.