SparkX FAQ

1. Is there a fee to participate in this SparkX contest?
There are no fees for the Spark competition.

2. Does the SparkX competition limit a work from participating in several categories? Can I participate in several categories at the same time?
We standardize the rules of professional competitions to ensure the principles of fairness, justice and equality in the competition system. A user account can only participate in one competition category.

3. Can I change or customize my work after I submit it?
Yes, that is allowed if your work is between the 23rd. March and the 23rd. May 2024 customize or change, but you need to re-submit a new email address for registration.

4. What is the deadline for submission?
23. March 2024 - 23. Mai 2024

5. Can I use any method to create my work?
In the SparkX competition, we recommend that users create good design work through the current AIGC platform or large language models.

6. How can I check the submission progress of my work and whether I have won a prize in this competition?
We will all participants through the official social media channel, email, etc. And inform and announce media partners of the specific competition progress and status of the winners. We will also see the final list of winners worldwide on 3. June 2024 to announce.

7. Who can participate in this SparkX contest?
We welcome every artist worldwide who loves AIGC visual images. If you have good ideas and creativity, you can participate in this event.

8. Can I vote for myself?
Everyone can vote for their own work. Each ID is limited to one time. You can also invite your friends to vote for your work.

9. How can I participate in the SparkX contest? Where can I log in to the competition address?
SparkX official website: / The only submission website for the SparkX contest: Spark X official service email: