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AM06 Pro - AMD Ryzen 5 5625U

€455.54 €569.99

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  • Joseph Taylor
    This little pc is packed with great features and lots of power. It seems powerful enough for some gaming but I purchased this to use as a home theater unit. I have already installed a 2 terabyte hard drive using the videos that you provided for reference. I look forward to the things I'll be able to do with this!
  • JiveTurkey
    I was in need of a PC that had a small form factor, and could cut through Cricut Design Space with ease.

    After much research, I landed on this little powerhouse. It ran Cricut flawlessly, and most importantly, it fit in the space that I needed it to.

    It was much smaller than I anticipated, and that is not a complaint. This unit is aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and most of all it's tiny and mighty!

    I may purchase another to use as a media PC.

  • Kyle
    Pretty good deal. 2.5gbe is an intel i225v, which is great and community drive compatible with ESXI if you're interested in that.

    Build quality seems decent. I'm not a huge fan of how you have to install the 2.5 inch sata drive but it's not the worst.

    For the 5600u PC, the way you set auto power on is very hard to find and I had to google around for it. You need to go to advanced > AMD CBS > FCH Common Options > AC Power loss then set that to always on.
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  • Srikar

    I used to Have Surface Pro 7 that connects to my 32 inches 4k UHD monitor. My surface pro 7 has 8 GB memory and is been utilized upto 70 to 80% of Memory and 30 to 40% CPU even with basic usage ( like opening Chrome, Edge watching youtube videos etc). I have purchased this Mini PC and i was amazed by the performance. It came with Pre installed Windows 11 Pro. This Mini PC has AMD Ryzen 5 5600U Processor with 16 GB Memory ( 2X 8 GB) and 512 GB Nvme SSD. This Mini Pc comes with 2X 3.1 USB A ports, 1 USB C port at front side and 2 USB ports, HDMI and DP port at back side. It has both 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps port speeds. I was blown away with the speeds of SSD. its giving me approximately 2000 MBPS Read and 1500 Write Speeds. I am constantly using only up to 30 to 40% Memory and 10% of CPU with basic usage. I am planning to upgrade to 32 GB memory in near future so that i can use more extensive applications. I dont see any Fan noise with basic usage. once in a while CPU fan kicks in ( only during installation of any applications). Office 2021 runs smooth. Wifi Speeds are not that great. I am using the device with LAN cable. I have installed the device to the back of my monitor so that to save space on my desk. This Mini PC has strong build and can connect upto 3 monitors. I have connected to 2 monitors and it works great

  • Forrest H Armstrong Cate
    I've used a few Mini Pc's and I'm really impressed with this AM06 Pro
    The AMD Ryzen 7 4800U is fast, weither it's browsing the internet, using Microsoft Office, or doing some gaming with GTA 5 and other games
    The AMD Vega graphics offer great everyday performance and work really well with GTA 5, CS Go and other titles. *By Default the iGPU is set to 512MB but you can enter the Bios simply by pressing the Delete Key when you power it on. To get to the settings you select :Advanced>AMD CBS>NBIO Common Options >GFX Configuration >iGPU Configuration
    I set mine to Game Optimized which set it to 4GB but you can configure it for as little as 64MB all the way to 16GB.

    It comes with 16GB of DD4 3200 Sodimm in two 8GB modules and is upgradable to 64GB
    500GB SSD which is also upgradable with NVME SSDs
    WiFi AC with Bluetooth which is also upgradeable
    For I/O you've got 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB-C and a 3.5mm Audio Jack
    On the back you've got 1 2.5GB Lan, 1 1GB Lan, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI Port, and 1 Display port.
    For Software you've got Genuine Microsoft Windows 11 Pro and absolutely no bloatware unlike most PC makers.

    If you are looking for a pc with a really small Footprint but don't want to compromise on performance this mini pc is a great value.

  • Greg Bullmer
    I primarily purchased this mini PC to replace my aging Raspberry Pi 3 which has faithfully been serving as my retro gaming console and media server in the living room. I had issues with games from the late 90s emulating well and streaming games from my much more capable PC on the other side of the house. Finding an RPi4 that is anywhere close to MSRP is impossible at this time, so for twice as much, I thought I would get a full-fledged Windows PC with a proper CPU. I am very happy with my purchase! This tiny PC serves my needs for retro gaming and HTPC with the bonus of being able to run some of the games the RPi3 couldn't handle natively without the need to stream from my other PC.

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